Feeling worn out? Here’s how music will set you up …

by Anna Snaczke

Oh, isn’t the longed-for evening after a busy day the perfect time to put your feet up and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet? Well, it would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re either exhausted and ready to drop then and there, or you can’t get rid of your manager’s voice ringing in your head, reminding you to hurry up with that report.


Any or both cases sound familiar? Don’t worry, music is here to come to your rescue.

However implausible it might seem to those sceptics out there, active listening to music has a miraculous effect on our body, mind, and soul, helping us to overcome the feeling of both physical weariness and emotional strain. Listening to slow, quiet classical music stimulates our brain, slows our heart rate and pulse, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the level of stress hormones circulating in our blood.
It works like magic, and even a short relaxation session gives us a positive boost, making us feel not only physically refreshed, but also more creative and efficient. Not to mention the icing on the cake, which is the sheer pleasure of sitting back in your comfy chair while enjoying a bit of mind-soothing music. Your recipe is ready, a perfect evening awaits you.

Not sure which music to choose?
And what if you’re not a huge fan of Mozart or want to try something other than classics?
No worries.
Even if you’re not particularly fond of classical music, there are plenty of other options waiting for you. After all, everyone chooses their favourites based on the very individual effect a given type of music has on them, and there’s no accounting for taste. The best solution is to follow your
heart and stick to the rule that whatever makes you feel better, works for you.

That’s enough theory, now it’s time for a practical exercise. Prepare a cup of tea, sit back in your armchair, play whatever you fancy, relax and immerse yourself in your own oasis of peace.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Drummer’s Way)

Our regular Ellie has been learning to play the drums for 2 and a half years, without telling her boyfriend Gareth. She did this for many reasons, but mainly because she thought it would be fun. Here is a video of the day she finally revealed her secret. We find it so romantic and wanted to share with you on Valentine’s Day!

Ad-libbing, the art of making it up as you go…not!?

Ad-libbing is having to make things up on the fly, in the middle of a performance, in real time, right in front of everybody with lot of opportunities to stumble or get tongue-tied, freeze up, go blank, on stage or in the studio .
That’s exactly why most professionals don’t, and you shouldn’t either.


The “skill” is a nice one to have, but it’s importance is way over-rated. It’s way more important to nail that song without any mistakes, than it is to be really good at making stuff up on the fly. At the end of the day nobody knows or cares if you’re making it up or if you wrote it all down a week ago.

Adlibs are needed more on slower tracks like trap beats. But it really depends on the artist and the direction of the song. They add a great amount of flavor and energy to a track if done right. If not, they can easily take away and distract from the music and the feeling.

There’s a difference between
1. Back Ground Vocals:
Used randomly through a song to enhance the lead vocals, usually in a rhyme.
2. Double Vocals:
Singing the exact performance through an entire song.
3. Ad-Libs:
Rand words, notes or noises. They do not copy the exact pitch, cadence or even same words as the lead vocal.
An adlib is extra words or phrases that done fall directly into the harmony, timing and pitch of the main vocal.
Like a trumpet player going on a quick solo or fill.
Background vocals are harmonies and phrases that accent the main vocal. They aren’t meant to stand out. Like a group of singers on a chorus behind the lead vocalist.
They can be slightly different but shouldn’t be noticed much.

Sometimes a cleaner vocal fits the style  of your track better than doubling adlibs do.

(Adlibs that explain the punchline are corny. Let the listener catch it. Don’t assume everybody’s slow. Leave some lyrics to be found years later when somebody listens to it for the 30th time and finally has an “ah ha” moment.)

But…there is no right or wrong way about it. Its all down to your personal taste.

Farewell to Year 2016

It’s New Year’s Eve and we can not help but be super thankful for the amazing year we had here at BonaFideStudio. None of this would be possible without the fantastic love and support from our amazingly loyal clients. So many new faces, great bands, solo artists and labels from not just the U.K., but all over the world walked through our doors this year. For that, we are incredibly thankful and wish everyone a very healthy, happy and successful new year! We’re looking forward to making new friends in 2017 and continuing to make great music for all to hear!


Thank you all again and we’ll see you in 2017!!!!


Web Sheldon: EP ‘Today Is All’

out on 2nd of December 2016 tech-hub-yellow

Sheffield born musician Web Sheldon releases his second EP ‘Today Is All’ W on Friday 2nd December via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. It’s a mixture of electronic music, pop and Hip Hop. It’s written, recorded and produced by himself and has guest rappers from Madrid (including Spanish lyrics), West Hollywood and London.

After releasing his debut single in January with a follow-up EP in May, this is his third record of the year as he continues to adapt his sound with each release. From his early days as a Singer-Songwriter on acoustic guitar, ‘Today Is All’ marks a further progression into the electronic genre with Hip Hop beats, 80’s synthesisers with catchy melodies and socially conscious lyrics touching on topics such as climate change, sexuality and religion.


Web can often be found touring the gig venues of London, making remixes for other artists or working at BonaFideStudio in Muswell Hill.