Ad-libbing, the art of making it up as you go…not!?

Ad-libbing is having to make things up on the fly, in the middle of a performance, in real time, right in front of everybody with lot of opportunities to stumble or get tongue-tied, freeze up, go blank, on stage or in the studio .
That’s exactly why most professionals don’t, and you shouldn’t either.


The “skill” is a nice one to have, but it’s importance is way over-rated. It’s way more important to nail that song without any mistakes, than it is to be really good at making stuff up on the fly. At the end of the day nobody knows or cares if you’re making it up or if you wrote it all down a week ago.

Adlibs are needed more on slower tracks like trap beats. But it really depends on the artist and the direction of the song. They add a great amount of flavor and energy to a track if done right. If not, they can easily take away and distract from the music and the feeling.

There’s a difference between
1. Back Ground Vocals:
Used randomly through a song to enhance the lead vocals, usually in a rhyme.
2. Double Vocals:
Singing the exact performance through an entire song.
3. Ad-Libs:
Rand words, notes or noises. They do not copy the exact pitch, cadence or even same words as the lead vocal.
An adlib is extra words or phrases that done fall directly into the harmony, timing and pitch of the main vocal.
Like a trumpet player going on a quick solo or fill.
Background vocals are harmonies and phrases that accent the main vocal. They aren’t meant to stand out. Like a group of singers on a chorus behind the lead vocalist.
They can be slightly different but shouldn’t be noticed much.

Sometimes a cleaner vocal fits the style  of your track better than doubling adlibs do.

(Adlibs that explain the punchline are corny. Let the listener catch it. Don’t assume everybody’s slow. Leave some lyrics to be found years later when somebody listens to it for the 30th time and finally has an “ah ha” moment.)

But…there is no right or wrong way about it. Its all down to your personal taste.

Farewell to Year 2016

It’s New Year’s Eve and we can not help but be super thankful for the amazing year we had here at BonaFideStudio. None of this would be possible without the fantastic love and support from our amazingly loyal clients. So many new faces, great bands, solo artists and labels from not just the U.K., but all over the world walked through our doors this year. For that, we are incredibly thankful and wish everyone a very healthy, happy and successful new year! We’re looking forward to making new friends in 2017 and continuing to make great music for all to hear!


Thank you all again and we’ll see you in 2017!!!!


Web Sheldon: EP ‘Today Is All’

out on 2nd of December 2016 tech-hub-yellow

Sheffield born musician Web Sheldon releases his second EP ‘Today Is All’ W on Friday 2nd December via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. It’s a mixture of electronic music, pop and Hip Hop. It’s written, recorded and produced by himself and has guest rappers from Madrid (including Spanish lyrics), West Hollywood and London.

After releasing his debut single in January with a follow-up EP in May, this is his third record of the year as he continues to adapt his sound with each release. From his early days as a Singer-Songwriter on acoustic guitar, ‘Today Is All’ marks a further progression into the electronic genre with Hip Hop beats, 80’s synthesisers with catchy melodies and socially conscious lyrics touching on topics such as climate change, sexuality and religion.


Web can often be found touring the gig venues of London, making remixes for other artists or working at BonaFideStudio in Muswell Hill.

BonaFide Studio, a studio with a heart.

Whilst there are many recording and post production studios in and around London, one that has recently come to our attention is BonaFideStudio, located in Muswell Hill, North London. Looking at their website, with their atmospheric imagery, their range of professional audio services and very impressive client list, it would be easy to think that this business was a faceless, some might think scary, professional audio facility for the well heeled. A creative space for the music biz elite, a place where only the recognisable would ever grace their presence. But oh no! What we found was quite the opposite. Not only are BonaFide based in the heart of the local community, but they have a big warm heart for that community. Now this was something that warmed us even more to them. So we got busy, like we do. We called them, we found out a little bit more about them and now we’re sharing what we found with you…
When I speak to Will, who works at BonaFideStudio, we get straight to talking about the inspiration behind the business. The two owners, Deanna and Brian, built this amazing business back in 1999, through word of mouth, with the idea of offering an affordable studio rehearsal and recording location. In fact Brian, who can still be found in the studio 7 days a week sometimes, is also a talented musician whose abilities are available to hire for bands when needed. But it’s when Will shares a couple of stories of about just how this company helps it’s artists, that I am truly impressed.
While BonaFideStudio has worked with top names like Tinie Tempah, The Klaxons and Bill Bruford, among many others, it’s the excellent support and talent the staff themselves offer which really elevates this business. Will tells me of the client who only had a line of a melody, yet wanted to record a track with it. Brian worked with them, building up the song with them until they had something amazing to record. Any artist with a nugget of an idea can build something wonderful with the help and support of the staff of ten who work at BonaFideStudio.
Will also shared how he came into the studio early one morning to help a 10 year old to get a recording of his saxophone music to use as part of his school concert – and BonaFideStudio really is a community minded business with a heart for working with charity, too. One charitable event they are involved in is ‘A Very Merry Muswell’ , for which they are providing the PA system – it’s a great event which supports local makers and businesses in that area.
So whilst BonaFide is clearly a professional recording & rehearsal business, they are also a community minded business. They have a cosy, welcoming environment for individuals and bands of all ages, providing quality facilities at affordable rates. The studios owners and their supportive and talented staff are available on site to nurture or assist musicians, whether they are coming in with a small musical idea or ready to record a whole album.
Rehearsal facilities start at just £5 per hour, and recording starts at just £20 per hour. Their music production skills include recording, custom arrangements & compositions and mixing & mastering. And we like them a lot. As soon as we’re ready to burden society with our very own musical offerings, this is where we’ll be going to lay down some tracks. (Do people still say ‘lay down some tracks’ anymore?? Please advise!! )

Bonafide Studio Contact Details:
The Viaduct; Units 13 and 14
St James’s Lane; Muswell Hill; London N10 3QX
Phone: 020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054

A Very Merry Muswell

BonaFideStudio are joining the festive celebrations in St James Square on Saturday 3rd December 1pm-3pm as one of the organisers of the A Very Merry Muswell event.

A large Christmas tree will be lit in this new heart of Muswell Hill, and the event falls on Small Business Saturday – a UK wide initiative to encourage people to ‘shop local’. There will be market stalls, choirs, bands, DJ, Santa Grotto and lots of seasonal food and drink.


Join us for some Community Festive Cheer. More on