Music production course for children

With our Music Production Course we are opening the doors to musical exploration for young people, providing our students with the tools to express themselves creatively,
be adventurous with technology, and build confidence.

020 8883 9641

Music Production for children

Our students will learn the language used to create and share musical ideas with others while learning to perform melodies, harmonies, and beats on MIDI keyboard using Logic Audio Pro.
Logic Audio Pro (digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software application, used in most secondary schools) makes it easier than ever to create great-sounding music. Designed as a tool for composition, Logic allows you to build tracks with its huge collection of virtual instruments, compose with standard notation, record your own sounds, and mix it all down.
Let your children Master Logic Pro with our complete program of courses.

Music Production course for children

Our students will learn Logic Pro with a focus on developing their own unique sound and artistic identity.
* 6 sessions spread across 6 weeks (one a week)
* teaching in small groups of 5
(you can join one of our groups or create your own by signing up your child with his/her group of friends)
* inexpensive (non-profit) only £10 per child per lesson (payable in advance, £60 for a course)
* original song made by the end of the course
Music production course for children
Course guide
Lesson 1: making the beat
Lesson 2: recording vocals
Lesson 3: recording live instrument
Lesson 4: multi tracking
Lesson 5: mixing
Lesson 6: ‘red book’mastering/overview

For children who need help with their music course work or have their own band or existing songs we are willing to taylor made the course.
To book please call Deanna on 020 8883 9641 or email


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