Father ‘s Day Special Recording Studio Experience

Father in your life deserves to finally get something he will actually love and enjoy on his Special Day. There is already enough slippers in his bottom drawer…

Let him play the celebrity for a day as he steps into our studio as a superstar! He can practice and perfect his own music with the help of our experts, and him alone or with the band will have the time and facilities to create their own music to keep forever!


Special Father’s Day Packages

With the expert staff on hand to answer any questions Father in your life may have and help him feel at ease, he’ll soon be feeling confident enough to lay down some top tracks! Not only will this hugely enjoyable experience allow him to get a feel for what it is like to record professionally, but he will also be able to take home a CD that he can be proud of for years to come. Make those singing/playing/recording dreams a reality for Father in your life on his Special day.

A: Recording day package: 8 hour day in the studio with up to 5 people – only £250, without backline and instruments: £200

(rehearsal, recording, mixing. mastering)

B: HalfDay package: 4 hour day in the studio, rehearsal, recording, mixing. mastering. Up to two people: £120

C: JamPackage: 3 hour rehearsal, 1 hour recording £50

D: NameYourBudget just buy £ voucher as per your choice

Email us for Gift Certificates instantly, print our vouchers at home.


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