Music Production Course

This October half term, students of PQA Muswell Hill will become residents at the BonaFide Recording Studio! They will be working with our top industry music producers on pre-production (planning), rehearsal, recording, editing, cleaning and post-production (mixing & mastering). We are so excited to be working with Pauline Quirke Academy again this October half term! PQA Muswell Hill at BonaFideStudio Since 2007, PQA (Pauline Quirke Academy, Academy of Performing Arts) has given 4-18 year olds an outstanding training in performing arts in an environment that is both friendly and rewarding. We specially bonded with PQA Muswell Hill and its principal Emma Vincent. We are utterly impressed by her dedication, drive and energy. Her approach to teaching drama has inspired us all.

Guest producer at our Music Production Course is one and only Karen Poole (singer songwriter, ex Alisha’s Attic, as a producer credits: Lily Allen, So Solid Crew, Kylie Minogue….to name but a few). We are so happy to have her back at our studio! Karen Poole

This amazing women was the first music professional to welcome us to Muswell Hill after our move from Shoreditch. Apart from being top notch producer ( I bet you are singing many of her song!) she is a caring person, a dear colleague who welcomed us with open arms. So go, go team Muswell Hill!


Our teaching does not stop here.

We run 1-2-1 tutorials weekly. BonaFideStudio Contro Room BonaFideStudio works differently from other training studios or courses in a non-traditional classroom style of training. We offer personal coaching sessions which allows us to cut out the fluff of a traditional classroom style by using ‘hands on gear’ approach. You will learn the technology faster and will begin building something of real value. The 1-2-1 Tutorials pack a lot into a short amount of time and because you are working one-to-one with an engineer, you will accomplish much more in a fraction of the time than you would do in a classroom.
We work at your pace and skill level, to help you achieve your goals. We also provide discreet and prompt troubleshooting for commercial studios and professional sound engineers. Get in touch to book your free consultation 020 8883 9641 020 8444 5054


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