The soothing sound of Music

Whatever mood we are in, music always seems to have the answer and the ability to translate with or without words any of our feelings or moods.

What is it that music has that no other means of communications has? It brings out hidden emotions, brings people together, has claimed health properties and most of the time let’s not forget brings a smile on people’s faces, on our faces, that is just to name a few benefits that we can award to music.

Whether angry or sad, music can be the answer. I remember one evening coming back from a stressful day at work and being really angry and upset, I randomly popped a CD in the player, one of the few tracks that really calmed me down was “All Too Human” by The Rakes. Don’t even ask me why, it simply had a soothing effect in the melody. To me this track has an appeasing rhythm that re-balances my inner peace. Note to self “Do listen to that track more often”.

I am sure most of us have their preferred calming or soothing track, maybe even without realising it – what is yours? Or if you think you don’t, have an experiment next time you feel frustrated and angry and put one of your favourite CDs on and notice your body and mind’s reaction, you might be amazed!

For that soothing reason, music is also used in therapies to reduce stress and relax people, it apparently in deeper therapies contributes in helping beat depression.

As a therapy, take massage for example, you book yourself some “ME” time in a nice candle lit environment and together with this you get a nice slow, quiet music played in the background into your ears. Not only does it bring an atmosphere to the room but foremost affects how we feel emotionally and also physiologically throughout the treatment, according to research, music has the power to slow down our pulse and heart beat, our levels of stress hormones and even reduce muscle tensions.

This is music to my ears.

So if when reading this you are not listening to music, you know what you got to do next..

And as a famous recording studio would say: “Good music to you”.

Guest post by Nadia


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