Our community can Build It – The Disfunkshunalz ft. The Vale Stude Fame

north london for children
The true stars of this video are the Vale Students lead by Richard Tharp, mastermind behind the song and the whole project.
Naomie Harris, Margo Buchanan, Paul Wickens, Natasha John-Baptiste, Tony Mahoney, Siobhan Gouda and others are here to help them shine brighter.

The Disfunkshunalz are band of like-minded music makers whose aim is to enable young disabled people to perform, take part in, experience and create, inspirational music.

Johanne James (Vocals and Drums) Tony Millard (Bass) David Cummings (Lead Guitar) Paul Wickens (Keyboards) Peter Desmond (Horns) and Richard Tharp (Rhythm Guitar).
We were lucky enough to be chosen as their recording studio and video location. What a privilege!

Working with brilliant students from The Vale (The Vale is a pioneering and innovative day special school catering for children with physical disabilities and associated special educational needs.) made our heart skip a beat.
They put job satisfaction on completely different level.


Fundraising Gig is on Saturday 22nd March 2014 in Crouch End, London where you can actually see ‘The Disfunkshunalz and The Vale Stude Fam do it live!!!

As Naomie Harris says in the song ‘Love is the Key’!
So keep building…


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