Well done Muswell Hill Traders Group Muswell Hill 50% REDUCTION IN MH PARKING CHARGES FOR DECEMBER You may recall the MHTG policy on parking in MH is that whilst many of us feel the street parking charges are too high we think the political reality of Haringey Council reducing charges is limited. Very limited! So, we have been lobbying for free parking for shoppers who only want to stop briefly in MH. These talks will continue. Meanwhile, great news! The Council have offered the MHTG a most helpful 50% reduction in all parking charges during the vital trading weekends in December. Crucially this includes our MHTG TRADERS’ FESTIVE DAY. The deal covers the following dates:

  • Sunday 1st,
  • Sunday 8th
  • Saturday+Sunday 14&15th. PLUS Saturday+Sunday 21&22nd :PLUS Friday+Saturday  27&28th  

This offer to the MHTG will involve the council’s new cashless parking facility for payment by mobile phone and the web. The Council will promote this deal to all motorists who pay to park using cash over the coming days. Vehicles displaying a Pay & Display ticket will be left a leaflet on the windscreen on this Christmas parking concession and notices will be placed near all Pay Machines. Further details can be found by the following link to the Councils website: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/christmasparking.htm This site is helpful for MHTG members and customers who have not yet used this particular facility. AND …….THERE’S MORE! Our Council also proposes to extend the “parking loyalty scheme” they piloted with the Green Lanes Traders Group last Christmas. Feedback from that scheme showed that Green Lane Traders valued being able to provide  discounted parking vouchers to customers of their choice who regularly shopped with them or new customers who they wished to see return and buy goods or services from them again. The proposed scheme would involve: –          Hourly vouchers being purchased together by the MHTG and those members who wished to participate. All purchases would benefit from a 50% discount on Council parking charges. This requires a minimum of £2500 to be spent by the MHTG to supply specific branded MHTG members’ vouchers. OUCH! –          Vouchers will be valid only for Muswell Hill town centre up to Feb 14 2014. –          Loyalty vouchers to be used in pay and display and shared use parking bays only. Your MHTG Officers will continue talks with the Council on this particular proposal and report back to you as soon as we are able. Roger Ward feast@cafegroup.co.uk is our negotiator with the Council’s staff and I’m sure he would be glad to hear from you!


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