Our client’s thoughts on the studio

Samantha Edgley’s experience at BonaFide Studio :


“Recording Session, Bonafide Studios, Muswell Hill

Earlier this year I landed my first session musician job – playing ukulele at Bonafide Studio. I had a great time recording there and so I was really excited to be back in their studio again, this time working on my own material. I started to record one of my live favourites ‘The Watchmaker’ a folky/poppy tune, with producer Brian. I wrote ‘The Watchmaker’ a long time ago so I’m pleased to finally be recording a version of it.


I had another fab day at Bonafide Studios, and I’m really looking forward to completing Watchmaker and also starting my personal favourite tune ‘Halo’. I’m not totally sure when the next session will be – it will depend on how long it takes for me to get my voice back again! But I really can’t recommend Bonafide Studios enough, not only have they been fantastic to record with, but they have also been completely understanding with my health issues over the last few weeks – firstly with the Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and now with my laryngitis! It really is appreciated & gives me one less thing to fret about (sorry for the terrible pun!) ;-)

bonafide 2

Extract from her blog here



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