Samantha Edgley on her session at BonaFide

Journal update: My week in music (17–23 March) which included: My first session musician job at Bonafide Studios, attending the production of Pilgrim’s Progress, Hiccups band reunion, & attending a dinner/lecture event about creativity & success at Christ Church, Mayfair.


Session Musician Job, Bonafide Studio (Sunday 17th March)

On Sunday, I set off with my two ukuleles (concert & soprano) for my first session musician job. I felt a mixture of excitement & nerves. Excitement – as I was really looking forward to the recording session. But also nerves – as I didn’t really know what to expect as I’d never been hired for session work before. I have a lot of recording experience, but previously had only worked on my own songs.

The session was so much fun to do. Music producer Francis Sevier put me at ease immediately and was very calm and encouraging. The song Go and Shine is a very cheerful, bouncy song, and I think we definitely captured the upbeat vibe. I can’t wait to hear the track once it is complete, and I hope I’ll work with Bonafide Studios again. It was a great opportunity & a fantastic experience.

Francis Engineer @ BonaFideStudio

Francis: Engineer @ BonaFideStudio


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