BonaFideStudio at Summer Festivals

We love being part of our North London Community by organising local Festivals or/and taking care of the performers, stage and sound. Come summer, London is awash with music festivals  with stages popping up all over the city.


This summer is especially handsome. All this glorious sunshine. If you’re not a fan of mud, camping and not being able to shower then our local Festivals are right up your street. All just short walk away…you get all the best parts of a festival and you can head home to your own bed after…excellent.

In the last few weeks we did 1) MidsummerMuswell on 23rd of June; 2) Fortitude on 7th of July and 3) Hornsey Music Festival also on 7th of July. If you missed it this year put it in your calendar for 2019! Enjoy few photos







MidSummer Muswell 2018

We are proud to be one of the main organisers of yet another MidSummer Muswell. Our studio chief Deanna Bogdanovic said: ‘As always BonaFideStudio is taking care of MidSummerMuswell sound, entertainment and general promotion and organising of this much loved annual event. Our stage is offering plethora of talented local acts: singers, bands, dancers and comedians. Join us for fun and frolics from 1pm-5pm at St James Square in Muswell Hill. Great free family day out with something of all age groups’


For list of acts click here

For stage order click here

Happy 19th birthday to us

On 1st of May 1999 we officially opened our doors to music and you.
19 years down the line we are still going strong.30729272_2120693827957732_790290999124426752_nTrust our 19 years of #audio #recording experience to bring your #music& #sound to the next level. Our professionals are well versed in our #recording programs and tools and use the best #recording techniques to provide the best sound & performance.
hope to see you soon!


International Women’s Day (8th of March) is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

BonaFideStudio traditionally celebrate it by giving The Women of the Year Tribute and this 2018 we chose Margaret McDonald of Greig City Academy.

19905252_10154791875553106_744298963346095031_nMargaret has worked in a secondary school environment for over 15 years, mentor to students and (St!) patron of music and musicians. We want to publicly acknowledge and thank Margaret for all her hard work, her creativity and dedication.

Congratulations on winning our The International Women’s Day Award. We are honoured to call you our studio friend. The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you have spent looking after students, securing them relevant placements within music industry professionals, volunteering with us on the community projects… and always going about it with the smile.

On behalf of our studio and the Music Industry as a whole, we wish you unlimited success in the future. May your students also have this kind of success in the future because of the wonderful example you have set for them.

Congratulations dear Margaret. 

Verba volant, scripta manent!

Viktor Lazic writer, lawyer, journalist and seasoned traveller without air miles is in love with written words.  His and many others.
With more than one million bibliographic units, of which many thousands are considered rarities all safely tucked away in his Society for Culture, Art and International Cooperation ADLIGAT.


‘Our ‘Society for Culture, Art and International Cooperation (ADLIGAT)’ revolves around the Lazic Library, which was officially founded in 1882, and has survived nine generations to date.’ Says Mr Lazic.

‘In addition to the Library, the society has also established the Book and Travel Museum and the Museum of Serbian Literature.’

The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.
Mr Lazic has visited 85 countries over 5 continents spending nine years travelling the world with a minimum of financial resources. He became known for driving around the globe in an old Russian Lada Niva. His greatest journey lasted 421 days during 2009/2010, which is described in the book “The Great Adventure.” During the trip, he regularly wrote for the daily newspapers Press from Belgrade. Without an accurate plan of travel, he visited thousands of cities, towns and villages. In October 2009. Mr Lazic even reached the border of North Korea! Well, not many stood on its borders….

In July 2011 he started five-month journey around the shores of the Black Sea. He visited rarely visited regions of Southeast Turkey and Iraq, continuing to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. At the border of South Ossetia he was arrested by local authorities and held in solitary confinement under unclear charges. Thanks to the International Federation of Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Serbian Association of Writers and many other organizations Lazic was freed. And no, he didn’t stop travelling or “off the beaten track’ writing.

And yes he always brings books and interesting objects from his travels hence his must see museum.

Mr Lazic is always after unloved and redundant books. If you have any make sure they retire in ADLIGAT.
“Please contact us if you have any surplus books or literature that you no longer need or that you wish to make available to the public via our institution. Any help, no matter how small, is valuable and appreciated” says Lazic.
“Our ambition is to send every book to where it is most needed and most appreciated. So far, we have distributed books to more than 200 libraries throughout Serbia and Eastern Europe. Together with the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts and the Association of Serbian Writers, we have donated more than half a million books to more than 200 institutions in the region over the last few years. These libraries have often been unable to renew their collections for several decades.”


ADLIGAT Society for Culture, Art and International Cooperation
Museum of Serbian Literature
Book and Travel Museum
Josipa Slavenskog 19a, 11.040 Belgrade – Banjica, Republic of Serbia 
+381 11 36 72 807,
+381 63 360 218,
+381 63 88 54 927

Recording Tips for a Successful Voice Over Session

When you are recording speech, especially if that is the only thing that is going to be the recording it’s important to eliminate as much outside noise as possible. Dedicated voice over booths, found in TV stations for instance, are treated to be completely dead. No reflections, outside noise or room sound. That way only the sound of your voice is being picked up by the microphone, nothing else.
1-IMG_1379Of course, it’s harder to deaden a complete room if you are recording at home but you can certainly set up a space that is deader than anywhere else in the room. You can achieve this with dedicated acoustic absorption, or with blankets and duvets if you are on a budget. Additionally, a dedicated vocal recording solution such as the sE Reflection Filter can help reduce the room sound that tends to creep into home recordings.

A good, large diaphragm condenser is good bet for capturing a full and balanced sound of the voice. There are many different brands of condensers out there but most of them get the job done.You don’t need a £2,000 condenser to get a nice recording of your voice. You can usually get by with a condenser that’s under £500,  like the super silent Rode NT1A or the cheap Audio Technica AT2020.

When you have a nice quiet area to record in with your large condenser microphone then there are a few more things to worry about before hitting record. Some home recordings have a low hum to them due to background noise and such. You can reduce a lot of this low end noise if your microphone has a low cut filter that cuts out most of the low end you don’t need. You will end up with a cleaner recording that’s free of annoying low end noises.

If your microphone does not have a low-cut filter then you need to do some post production mixing after recording. Using a high-pass filter in your audio program you can filter out most of that pesky low end you don’t need.  Additionally, when you have your vocal tracks inside your audio program you can EQ them for more presence and character.

When you are recording voice over, or just vocals in general make sure you take these suggestions into consideration. Treating the wall behind the singer, reducing the room sound that can enter your microphone and filtering out unwanted low end will improve your vocal recording substantially.

I hope these suggestions helped.


Video Production

We teamed up with Claudio Ravanelli Film to offer you not just great audio but video to match, too.

This is what he did for us:

Claudio: “I’m an award winning film director based in London where I work as Film director and acting teacher in a performing arts academy and as freelancer for films and music videos. As director, my style is dynamic with an obsessive work on the body language of the actors. My filming attitude is raw, realistic and influenced by the noir style, especially in terms of lighting, locations and characters.”

Bonafide video price list[1]